Daishobo Pilgrim’s Lodge


Dewa Sanzan: abode of the yamabushi and home to ascetic cuisine.

representing east Japan rooted in traditions of the fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism, and mountain worship.

Located at the base of Haguro-san, one of the Dewa Sanzan peaks, the Toge region is a village of pilgrim’s lodges patrons can visit, pay their respects at, and spend the night.
Daishobo is a pilgrim’s lodge encompassing 400 years of history in the Toge region. Daishobo is run by a yamabushi of the highest Matsuhijiri rank, 13th generation Master Hoshino Fumihiro.

Pilgrim’s lodges were initially designed to perform the role of welcoming patrons with a special connection to the Dewa Sanzan from select areas throughout Japan on group excursions called Ko. Generation after generation, Daishobo almost exclusively hosted patrons from the Soma region of Fukushima Prefecture. As such, only certain guests from outside this area were allowed to stay there.

In recent years, however, there has been a marked increase in those interested in learning about Japan’s unique coexistence with nature, and those sensing the importance of having a solid spiritual foundation. This has led to new forms of Ko coming into fruition.

In response to this growing need, Daishobo set up their own form of Yamabushi training. These days, Daishobo is responsible for nurturing many new yamabushi, and has since become a central meeting place.

Spend time as nature intended in Daishobo pilgrim’s lodge. Take the time to refresh your body and soul, and take in the beauty of the Shonai region as it changes season by season.

Daishobo Yamabushi Shugyo Experience

Master Hoshino Fumihiro (Yamabushi name: Shobun),

Master Hoshino Fumihiro (Yamabushi name: Shobun), a Matsuhijiri yamabushi of the highest rank, hosts Shugyo yamabushi trainings every year from July to September on each of the Dewa Sanzan mountains.

During the training, you will gain realisations both externally and more importantly internally.

Although short in duration, Master Hoshino’s Shugyo provides ample opportunity to restore your original senses and wilderness as a creature on earth.

Not only that, these are realisations you can take back to improve your daily life, to increase your insights even more.

Yamabushi Yamabushi

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